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Welcome new and returning users to GSA and DLA FedMall Contract Management Services by SenSoft

Over 4,700 satisfied GSA and VA contract holders have used our Easy SIP® service to upload over 29,000 SIP file price lists to GSA Advantage. SenSoft can process your spreadsheets into the GSA SIP format with a minimum of hassle. SenSoft now provides DLA FedMall file preparation services so you can quickly and easily publish your catalog on the new DLA FedMall site.
  • We can upload your GSA SIP files for you quickly and get them on Advantage for you.
  • We make it really easy to process Temporary Price Reduction (Sale) catalogs. You can do one every day if needed.
  • You can use our service from non-Microsoft workstations and browsers.
  • We can process your spreadsheets (XLS files) directly in your own format, normally with little or no change.
  • You don't have to use the special GSA SIP format with multiple files.
  • We resolve duplicate part numbers, special characters, HTML formatting in your descriptions, and more without hassles on your end. (We drop duplicate part numbers and/or allow you to rename them in your spreadsheet.)
  • We process your photos from a zip file or as web (URL) addresses. You can submit most any photo name, size, and any of these types (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .psd, .psp, .thm, or .tif) without worrying about GSA or DLA FedMall specific rules for photo file types, names, and size. We convert them as required. You simply put the photo name or URL in a column of your spreadsheet.
  • For GSA Advantage, we upload your SIP files then track them through the GSA system to ensure that your upload is reviewed by your CO and published on Advantage.
  • For DLA FedMall, we provide process your spreadsheet into the file formats and sizes required by FedMall. You then download the files from our site and upload them to FedMall using your FedMall credentials.
  • You will be able to view your price list on our web site just as it will look on Advantage before you upload it. You can easily make corrections and then reprocess to see the effect.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction and will cheerfully refund your upload fee if we don't earn it.
To use or learn about the service, enter your contract number here and click Go!
(Nothing actually goes to GSA until and unless you approve the completed catalog.)

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